John A “Kip” Morrow Jr. MD

John A “Kip” Morrow Jr. MD

John A. “Kip” Morrow Jr. MD, 57, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, October 22, 2023 in Allegheny General Hospital.  He was born in Rochester, PA on February 4th, 1966 the son of the John and Matilda Morrow, formerly of Raccoon Twp. He was a 1984 graduate of Hopewell Area High School, 1988 summa cum laude honors graduate of Geneva College, and the Medical College of Pennsylvania. While in school, he played baseball with Raccoon Boys Club, Hopewell Varsity Baseball team where he was a co-captain and the Hopewell American Legion.  He was a member of the West Newton Sportsmen’s Association and the National Rifle Association.  He enjoyed the outdoors and was an avid hunter and fisherman.  Kip enjoyed spending time antiquing, collecting guns, tinkering around his house, photography, and reloading ammunition.  He loved all Pittsburgh sports and was a Pittsburgh Penguin’s season ticket holder.  The thing he loved the most was watching his beloved nephew, Nathan, play baseball for Central Valley, Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs, and Pittsburgh Fusion teams.  He became lovingly known as “Uncle Buck” amongst the baseball families who he was generous with his photography skills and providing a cooler full of drinks to the players. Being a medical doctor was his life’s calling.  He was a primary care physician working at various hospitals in the Pittsburgh area which included Allegheny General Hospital, West Penn & Westmoreland Regional. He was most recently employed by LIFE Pittsburgh, which he enjoyed the most.  His entire career was spent performing a job that he loved in a caring and ethical manner while making his patient’s lives better.   Kip was a very kind, giving and extremely generous man who was a perfectionist and no-nonsense kind of guy. He will be greatly missed by many. 

He was proceeded in death by his grandparents Mike and Olga “Mum and Papa” Briscoe, and Helen “Gram” Morrow and Diane “Aunt Sissy” VanLeeuwen. He is survived by his parents, John and Matilda “Tillie” of Brighton Twp., his two sisters: Melissa “Missy” & Brian Angelo of Monaca Heights; Michelle “Tinky”/ “Aunt T” Morrow of Industry; his pride and joy nephew, Nathan Angelo; a loving girlfriend; many dear friends and their families including Quinn & Carol Lundberg, John & Dana Graham, Dave & Susan Guerrieri, Kate Robson and Jay & Denise Wheelock.  He is also survived by his special relatives of the Vanleeuwen, Shemer, Steele, and Lombard families and numerous beloved coworkers, friends and his cat Nootzie.

Friends will be received on Thursday, October 26, 2023 from 2~4 & 6~8pm in Huntsman Funeral Home and Cremation Services of Aliquippa where a funeral service will be held on Friday, October 27, 2023 at 11am. 
Private interment in John Anderson Cemetery, Raccoon Twp.

John will live on by helping others through death as he did in life as a CORE Donor.  In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Central Valley Extra Innings Club (CV Varsity baseball team)  or to the West Newton Sportsmen’s Association 35 Sportsmans Rd. West Newton, PA 15089.

20 thoughts on “John A “Kip” Morrow Jr. MD

  1. My heart is heavy for your family. Dr. morrow was a Goooooood person!!! I remember me saying to him with so much passion and HINT HINT! 🙂 Dr. morrow you are so thorough, detailed, organized, a great Follow upper! 🙂 if you get a practice call me I would LOVE to work with/for you. (medical assistant). you do you job so good that it would make mine easier and we would be a good team. he just smiled.
    then once he was so hard on his self for making a mistake. (NOTHING CRITICAL AT ALL) I emailed him and said, Dr. Morrow we are human we are human we make mistakes you do an amazing job! His response was. ” Thank you, but I do not deserve those kind words”!!!! that was like a month ago, I said to myself I am going to let it die down and then tell him again that he is Amazing. sad because I intentionally waited ( I took life for granted). You will not know how that is hurting me……….oh, one more thing. SO, Dr. morrow liked to you know dictate on the reports. labs, results, etc… but we wanted to get our reports into the system well he wanted to document on them before we did which could/would slow us down. well, he was told he couldn’t do that. I was relieved until I started looking at his documentation, I was like he makes since if you get a lab back and it calls for a change in meds. it was great to have the info right there. Example: if pt. had a high TSH level. he would write on the lab what thyroid med needs adjusted with doses and everything THOROUGH. that was ideal because any other medical staff that needed to know something could look at one piece of paper basically and get all the info they needed. so, guess what I told Dr. Morrow when I am here I will wait and get the signed off paper work and enter it. but, do not expect everyone to do that. I did it because I could see it meant a lot to him he had a PASSION for what he did. great bed side manners. yes he could be demanding but again that was because of the passion he had for his patients and job!!!
    May Jesus be a fence around you and your family!


    Stacie Price

    PS, I am so glad you all had this comment section see God knows my heart. I E -mailed my manager that day and said, to here I am sad I don’t know who to tell . I mean I told my mom and my boyfriend but they do not know him. because I didn’t understand how I could know someone for like 2 years and only work at that center one day a week and feel so sad. It was just him as a person period! my manager said, my feeling are valid made me feel great.
    Rest with God Dr. Morrow when God ask so what have you done my good and faithful servant, with PRIDE AND JOY DR. MORROW CAN SAY I TOOK CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE WITH A GREAT DESIRE AND SUCH PASSION! “THE PASSION OF CHRIST”

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Please don’t be hard on yourself. The Lord knows your heart! Take care of your patients the best way you know how and think of Dr Morrow often!

  2. Got to know John through work and hockey. We had the opportunity to share several years of season tickets to the Pens games and a very special evening together at the outside Pens game with a great group of friends. We shared good times at the hospital and outside of the hospital. I, and my wife, along with many others will certainly miss him. Rest In Peace my friend.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story and memories of John! It means a lot. Glad you enjoyed the Penguins together!

  3. I met John in 2003 on a hunting trip. We instantly hit it off. his dry sense of humor and love for the outdoors made us the perfect hunting buddies. Over the years we hunted and fished most of Canada together. He loved his family so very much. Nathan was the topic of conversation when away. We talked about every week about hunting and fishing and loved planning out our next trip. We always had a pile of laughs when together. I was heartbroken to find out of the loss of this great man and good friend. His passion was his patients and he always was worried about them. I will miss him and I can’t even think about planning a trip without him. Till we meet again in the happy hunting grounds in the sky! God certainly got a new angel! Miss you buddy!

    1. Thanks so much, Joe! He lived for those trips he with you! Glad he had wonderful friends and shared his passion of hunting and fishing with you!

  4. I practiced with John when he was a hospitalist and was a member of his hockey ticket group. John was an excellent physician, demanded excellence for his patients, was a compulsive record keeper. I never heard him say an unkind word about patients or colleagues. He was an expert in herding the cats in his hockey ticket pool. He will be missed as a physician, colleague and friend. Rest in Peace, John.

  5. Special friend, and all-around Great Guy. Freedom
    loving and Big supporter of Friends of NRA.
    Rest in Peace my Friend.

    1. Thanks Dale! He was a big NRA supporter and believed in having freedom and the right to bear arms!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Uncle Buck will be missed. Looking over from the dugout just won’t be the same for the whole team… just know that now instead of looking over at the boys he will be watching from above. Rest in peace Uncle Buck and the boys will bring you many more victories

    1. Oh, Kevin, you know Uncle Buck will be watching over the boys for sure. He loved the Dawgs and Fusion games and all families too!

  7. I am so sorry that Dr. MORROW has passed away. He was my doctor and friend at the Life Pittsburgh senior center. I liked him from right from the beginning. I will sadly miss him. Rest in Peace Doc.

    1. Thank you, Earl , for sharing your thoughts of John. He loved his patients , please take good care of yourself !

  8. I met John in 2011 , such a wonderful human being and example what physician should be . Rest in peace dear doctor .

  9. I had the privilege of working besides Doc at Life Pittsburgh as his nurse manager. As batty as he could make me, I loved working with him even more. I regret not joining his pens ticket group when he had asked me – I said I wanted to wait to spend that kind of money for when they were playing better. I wish I could of had the opportunity to enjoy the person he was outside of work. Doc was the last physician for me to work with in my nursing career and I hope that I hold up my promise to him to change healthcare for the better. He believed so deeply in me that I would and encouraged me that it was okay to pursue a better opportunity. He had such a positive impact on everyone he met and worked with. He is truly one of a kind and it’s a blessing that our paths crossed. See you soon, friend.

    1. Thank you, Julie! He really loved working at LifePittsburgh… it’s so heartwarming to know the impact he had on others, his patients and colleagues alike!

  10. Kipper was a good friend in high school. He’d always give advice to the whole baseball team when they needed it. He was an anchor for the team. He was always telling me to take it easy. I recently was thinking about him when I was in Beaver county the last few weeks, wondering what he was up to. So sad to hear what actually happened. Rest in peace, old friend.

    1. Hi Paul, nice to hear from you! He loved playing baseball at Hopewell high! He took his co-captain role seriously but enjoyed every minute of it! He moved on to giving baseball advice to his nephew, my son, and his teammates… he came to every game possible.

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