Elsie Annabelle Marshall Young

Elsie Annabelle Marshall Young

Elsie Annabelle Marshall Young, 89 of Center Twp., went home to be with the Lord on Thursday December 21, 2017 in Heritage Valley Beaver. She was in Perry Twp., Lawrence County on April 22, 1928 a daughter of the late joseph L. And Elsie (Myers) Marshall.
In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her loving husband Donald in 1987 and three sisters: Mary Embaugh, Dorothy Hall, Marjorie Knauff; and three brothers: Harry, Irvan George and Clinton.
Surviving are her two daughters, Dawn R. Psik and Susan Louise; two grandchildren: Jennifer and Jonathan Psik, and one sister Gladys.
Annabelle was a member of Ohio United Presbyterian Church, Hopewell Twp. She served as a deacon and enjoyed doing artwork for Vacation Bible School. She grew up in the Camp Run area where she attended Camp Run Church and a one room School House (The American) and graduated from Zelienople High School in 1946. She worked in Isaly’s store in Zelienople where she met her husband to be. They moved to Aliquippa and she worked in the Pittsburgh Mercantile Store until it closed.
Friends will be received on Wednesday December 27, 2017 from 2pm until the time of funeral service at 6pm in the Huntsman Funeral Home and Cremation Services of Aliquippa.
Private interment will take place in Woodlawn Cemetery.

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